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Dark City

Dark City
Credits (snapshot) | © 2021 - Darck City - IMDB / New Line Cinema, Warner Media (all rights reserved).
Released in 1998, Dark City is a movie directed by Alex Proyas. The universe he reveals to us is at the same time dreamlike, surrealist and eminently sincere because we all carry it within us. More than a cosmic adventure, it is the traditional journey of man who inexorably coils in his quest for love beyond common sense and time.

Even in this No man's land through which memory is sublimated, spreads against all odds, the superman in the making thus takes the path that leads us beyond illusion. Keep only the essential ... fusional tenderness. The pace of the step of this emotional crusader is adjusted, Nietzschean, on the gradual and deep realization that the walls of our cities are only fetters, but also springboards. It is at the end of the pier that we face the irony of life. Memories, memories, you will tell me so much...

Credits (video) | © 2021 - Dark City - Official trailer, Youtube.
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